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A BIG “Thank You” To Outgoing Chair, Georgette Bouwhuis

Posted almost 6 years ago by Marquetta Flaugher

A big “Thank You” to our outgoing Chair, Georgette Bouwhuis at WCCANP. I am assuming this new role with great excitement and look forward working with our organization, growing members, staying active with legislative issues, networking with our peers, and committing to promoting excellence in our profession. I look forward to new ideas from our members and how they would like to see our organization grow. Please feel free to discuss with me any ideas (or concerns) you may have and let’s promote solidarity and excellence in our profession. Thank you for the opportunity to serve all of you.


Marquetta Flaugher
Chair, West Coast Council Advanced Nurse Practitioners


Leo Thomas Johnson over 5 years ago

I would like to strongly endorsed Marquetta's congratulatory comments expressed, that spoke directly to all of the hard work & diligent efforts, Georgette, has most unselfishly devoted to our chapter throughout her entire period as our outgoing elected office chairperson turns over the reigns to our new chairperson. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Georgette. AND let us all, as current chapter members,truly support Marquetta, in any way we can, thus ensuring continued success of our chapter, in the years to come.

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