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West Coast Council of Advanced Nursing Practice


Posted 8 months ago by Dr. Henry R. Rivera, Jr.

Thank you to everyone who wishes to be a member in our organization. Unfortunately, this organization is for ADVANCED NURSE PRACTITIONERS ONLY. Our membership is NOT open to RNs, CNSs, PAs, or others in the field of nursing. Also, due to changes in the by-laws, only students who have been enrolled in a NP program for 2 years (from start to completion) are allowed membership. We would love to accommodate everyone but this is not feasible at this time. If you have already registered for the next meeting, please understand we will be asking to documentation from the school of nursing if you are a student, or asking to verify your NP license if we have doubt about your membership. Those not meeting membership criteria will be asked to leave the meeting. Thank you in advance for your understanding.