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Freestyle Libre Webinar June 23 7pm with APRN Lucia Novak

Posted almost 4 years ago by Dorothy Posgai

This one is on Tuesday June 23rd at 7pm and we were able to secure an APRN speaker so I believe this webinar out of all of them will be most appropriate for your groups. 
 The presenter takes a poll at the beginning of the presentation to see what questions needs to be addressed. They also answer questions at the end. If you log on late or jump off early, you can register for another one and it won't be a repeat.
Common topics are:
New Medicare relaxed/waived criteria as of May 8th
Time in Range (TIR)
Remote monitoring
Tuesday June 23rd at7pm.
Speaker, Lucia Novak, APRN
Thank you for your support of FreeStyle
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