West Coast Council of Advanced Nursing Practice

Celebrating 2021 National Nurse Practitioner Week

Posted 8 months ago by Joseph Ofei


We celebrate Nurse Practitioner Week 2021 is November 07th through the 13th.  Generally is time we all gather together to celebrate our profession  and honor our members.  Covid-19 have interupted our meeeting for the past two years and we are ready to kick start again. Members, are you ready to start again to meet in-person or do you wish to start after the new year.  Pleare enter your thoughs below and state Yes for resuming now or state Later after the new year.


Jacqueline Saeger 7 months ago

I choose to wait until January 2022 to start meeting in person. This gives more time for members to get covid full vaccination & boosters.

Mary Curtis 7 months ago

i am ready whenever you are!

Christine Moore 7 months ago

Yes, let’s resume meetings

Peggi Lalor 5 months ago

I am ready whenever everyone is ready!

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