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VA employees attendence at pharmaceutical dinner presentations

Posted over 5 years ago by Marquetta Flaugher

I apologize for leaving our NP meeting abruptly last night.  I feel an explanation is needed to the members.  Unfortunately, a misunderstood federal ruling by Astellas did not allow VA employees to participate in the dinner presentation. I did give a copy of the law and permission from legal counsel from Washington clarifying that VA employees CAN attend and participate in dinner presentations if the presentation is open to community healthcare clinicians. VA employees cannot participate ONLY when the presentation is for VA providers solely and closed to other providers in the community.  I have supplied our Educational Chair a copy of this for future reference.

Last night, Astellas would not even accept my employment at one of our major Universities for employment documentation which raises great concern for me and our members as this has never been in question before.  I hope to rectify this for all our members and prevent misunderstandings that impact our education and professional roles as APNs.

I would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to both Cathy Kessenich for taking lead in the meeting and for Dot Posai arranging our educational presentations.  Thanks to all our members for the support given when we face these unnecessary obstacles.  See everyone at the next meeting.